Hello, and welcome to my blog. My name is Chelsea, but you can call me Bunbun or Timeless. I am a 22 year old lesbian non-binary. I'm an Agnostic Humanist (Meaning I believe in spirits and an afterlife, but focus on the bettering of humanity) and I am a liberal because everyone deserves basic human rights. I live in hope for society and mankind. I am an artist and love to draw and write fanfiction in both free time and do commissions for people. Frozen has taken over my life, and I ship Elsanna without shame. If you need someone to talk to, don't be afraid to send an ask. <3


His name is Liui Aquino, a filipino cosplayer. And I think, by far, he’s the greatest Hiccup cosplayer I’ve seen.

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no one ever wants to draw my weird alien oc

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Theme of Flaws In Frozen

With a song like “Fixer Upper” included in the soundtrack of Frozen, it’s obvious another important theme in the movie is flaws, and showing that no person is 100% perfect.

Speaking of the song, let’s start with Kristoff. In “Fixer Upper,” the trolls point out Kristoff’s flaws and all of the things that are wrong with him (though I think most of them or more less the trolls’ way of teasing him).

To me, the only real flaw mentioned is the one of “though we know he washes well, he always ends up sort of smelly” (referring to the fact that Kristoff does not have the best of hygiene, and this is also shown in the unsanitary way he shares carrots with Sven).

Outside of that, however, we see that Kristoff can be very selfish, lazy, and grumpy. This whole song is quite ironic because it is the trolls’ way of pushing him together with Anna, but it’s not a typical sweet, romantic song.

But still, it goes to explain that this is the real deal with Kristoff. They are saying he is not perfect, and that no one is. Even our flaws make us who we are, and what make us all unique.


Anna seems to tie in with Kristoff in terms of having flaws. A major flaw of Anna’s character is her naïveté, which stems from her limited contact with people since childhood. This comes into play when she hastily accepts Hans’s impulsive proposal of marriage.

This moment also displays how rash and impetuous Anna can be. She does not consider the consequences or even question Hans’s motives since they hardly know each other. Her naïveté just makes her believe that she should marry him because he is her “true love.”

However, when Hans reveals his true nature to her, Anna harshly realizes how her actions were a huge, foolish mistake.


With Elsa, her major flaw is being overly terrified of harming people and her unwillingness to confront any chaos she creates with her magic. Once she accidentally releases her powers at the party, she bolts for the door and runs outside. After she accidentally causes more chaos, all Elsa does is run away to the mountain.

When Anna finds her, she still refuses to return since she believes she cannot remove the winter, then becomes more adamant to be left alone after she strikes Anna in the heart.

The only major time she acts as an antagonist is when the Duke’s thugs provoke her into fighting back. She gets so carried away in what she is doing that she nearly kills one of them by trying to send him off of her balcony. Only when Hans calls to her and tells her not to be the monster people believe she is, Elsa calms down and finally consciously realizes what she had almost done.


Out of the four main characters, Hans could be considered the most flawed person of all. In the beginning, to Anna especially, he appears to be an ideal prince: noble, respectful, polite, handsome, and in all, completely flawless and perfect in every way.

However, the fact that he seems to be too perfect can make his motives questionable. Because everyone has flaws and no one is perfect, a character like Hans would be very suspicious to me. The fact that he acts overly good clearly indicates that he is hiding something, namely something bad about himself.

Well, as we find out later, he has been concealing his true self. Hans is truly is nothing more than a fast-talking, manipulating, ruthless, sadistic con artist who will stop at nothing to be king, even by committing murder. The fact that he fits the bill of not at all being who he appears to be makes him the most flawed person in the entire movie.


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I want to draw but that means I have to draw

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that’s why

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"…glad you could make it, Kasumi."

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First time experiencing the rain.

Something that’ll make you smile…

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 sad tag;  
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when ur otp is destroying you but ur friend just doesn’t ship it


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