Hello, and welcome to my blog. My name is Chelsea, but you can call me Bunbun or Timeless. I am a 22 year old lesbian. I'm an Agnostic Humanist (Meaning I believe in spirits and an afterlife, but focus on the bettering of humanity) and I am a liberal because everyone deserves basic human rights. I live in hope for society and mankind. I am an artist and love to draw and write fanfiction in both free time and do commissions for people. Frozen has taken over my life, and I ship Elsanna without shame. If you need someone to talk to, don't be afraid to send an ask. <3

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What fun. Bad sprain. FML T︵T

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I trained all those would-be heroes. Odysseus, Perseus, Theseus. A lot of “yeuseus.” And every one of those bums let me down flatter than a discus. None of them could go the distance.

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I can be who I am, without hurting anybody…
(AU where Anna has ice powers)

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I love how william and kate are smiling and looking formal and shit and george is like i feel freeeeee

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봄사랑벚꽃말고 듣고 벚꽃속에서 만나면 어떨까 하고 만들어본 만화입니다

타블렛이 없어서 손그림을 찍어서 올리기 때문에 퀄이 좀 낮아도 이해바랍니다

봄 사랑 벚꽃말고와 함께 보시면 더욱 좋습니다.

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going to ER. May get on tumblr app using the hospitals wifi

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yo yo yo let it go

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Purple Heart - Handwriting